“Rather than being seen as a form of punishment or bad luck, diseases are essentially wake-up calls indicating that something is not right. They tell us we need to learn from what may have led to the symptoms – such as our thoughts, habits, and relationships – thus enabling us to redirect our lives. In choosing that new direction, healing can occur.” ~ Dr. Donald Epstein DC, NSA developer.

Network Chiropractic

(Offered by Dr. Desneiges) Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a gentle non-force chiropractic technique that focuses on reorganizing a person’s nervous system to allow greater healing capabilities in addition to greater experiences of life, joy and health.

Current research reflects the fact that our bodies are not simply mechanical vehicles. Our physical body and health are intimately intertwined and affected by our thoughts, emotions, relationships, the environment and the activities we partake in.

The Ripple Effect - how our bodies break down

Life is a series of experiences. How you perceive and react to these occurrences determines the outcome and quality of your life.

When you experience a shocking or traumatic event, your body will innately activate a built-in survival mechanism called the ‘fight or flight’ response. This coping mechanism is meant to ‘get you through’ the incident unscathed. However, if the event is especially emotional or traumatic, your reaction can become ‘programmed’ in your nervous system as a protection against similar future experiences. Like a pebble thrown in a pond, the fight or flight mechanism has a ripple effect.

If you are experiencing daily stress, your fight or flight system will remain ‘switched-on’ and may no longer be able to shift out of ‘coping mode’. Living in a state of coping can result in symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, headaches, jaw problems, depression or daily tension in your neck, shoulders or back.

In order to repair and heal, the body has to come out of coping mode. The nervous system can only do one at a time – either cope or repair.

It is evident as a society that our nervous systems are revving too high and we are over-reacting to normal daily events. We see the result as stress induced illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, migraines, bowel disease, immune conditions…all becoming more prevalent each day.

Repeated coping behaviours can be challenging to change. You may believe that relaxing is all you need, however, if by relaxing you simply sit in front of the TV, eat or drink, it is not truly relaxing to the body, it’s dis-attaching. Consequently, this can lead to a dis-attachment from your body, your life, and even your relationships.

Your body uses pain as an effective communication tool. It is saying: “something is wrong! Please do something!”

How Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) helps

NSA is a chiropractic technique that helps your nervous system re-engage and reorganize connections within the body. The best analogy is of a computer doing a self-analysis then repairing malfunctions, deleting redundant programs then reorganizing the files so they are more tidy and can be accessed and utilized with efficiency.

Efficient communication between your nervous system and your body results in an increased self-awareness and ability to self-heal. When the body is more in tune with its optimal functioning, it can easily tell when things are not working; and can begin repairs early, as opposed to accumulating issues for years.

Our mental and emotional states are intimately linked to our rate of healing, our immune system and our feelings of well~being. Therefore, it is crucial to take the whole person into effect when attempting to make permanent health improvements. Every part of us matters: our environment, relationships, habits and our perception of life. That’s why we care for every part of you when you visit Inner Waves.

Network Spinal Analysis is very gentle and suitable for all ages.

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